Differential Global Positioning System ——1 Nos

Total Station

Total station

Total Station SOKKIA 510—————–3 Nos

Total Station SOKKIA 610——————2 Nos

Total Station SOKKIA 650X—————–1 Nos

Total Station SOKKIA 530——————1 Nos

Total Station KOLIDA.KTS 442 L————5 Nos

Auto Level 

Auto Level  LEICA RUNNER—————2 Nos

Auto Level  KOGO————————3 Nos

Auto Level  SOKKIA———————-4 Nos


Theodolite VRNIER 20 Seconds————2 Nos

Theodolite VRNIER 1 Second—————–2 Nos


Hand GPS

Hand GPS GERMIN (Vista)——————2 Nos

Office Equipment

Computer——————————5 Nos


HCL———————————3 Nos

ACER———————————2 Nos

Laser Printer (Different Sizes)—————2 Nos

Scanner———————————1 Nos

Technical Personnel’s

 Graduate Engineer (B.E Civil)

  1. Anupam Bhattacharyay (Year 1986, Howrah Shibpur B.E College)
  2. Arun Das            (Year 1995 R.E College Durgapur)

Diploma Engineer (Civil with Auto CAD)

  1. Chanchal Sarkar     (year 2005 R.K.Mission Belurmath West Berngal)
  2. Manoj Chakraborty  (year 2006 H.I.T WBSCTE)
  3. Chinmoy Chatterjee (year 2006 H.I.T  WBSCTE)
  4. Purnima Roy             (year 2006 H.I.T WBSCTE)

Diploma Engineer (Mechanical with Auto CAD)

 Sumit Dey         (year 1997 Central Calcutta Polytechnic WBSCTE)

Draftsman with Auto CAD

 Sourav Dhar      (year 2006 ITI Gariahat Kolkata)

Coordinator and Team Leader

 Amitava Das experience in Road Survey

Further Info

Survey Equipment

Technical Personnel